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Dear Family and Friends,

This year, my daughters (Emma and Sofia) and I have decided to dedicate one week of our summer vacation to working in the Guatemala City garbage dump.  We feel that this trip comes at an important time in our lives and our walk with God.

Beyond the Walls, the local organization that sponsors our trip, has been taking volunteers to the dump since 2005. In twelve years, their volunteers have seen tremendous change. More than 1,000 BTW volunteers have made a radical difference in the lives of the hundreds of adults and children for whom they have built and renovated concrete-block homes—no more flooding, filth, mud floors, or rats.

They also help provide health care, education, and hot lunches and have touched countless kids with love and affection through sports and craft camps.  I hope to help run a medical clinic for the people living in the garbage dump and help with the construction of houses.  Emma and Sofia aim to help with the children’s programs and home construction.

Potter’s House Association, the nonprofit located on the edge of the dump with which BTW partners, is an organization that really makes a difference in the lives of the scavengers who sort through the garbage looking for food, clothing, and things they can try to sell for a few pennies. Instead of just giving them handouts, PHA equips their “Treasures” for life beyond the garbage through their education, micro-enterprise, personal development, community support, and health care programs.

While we have wanted to make this journey for several years, the cost of the trip has been prohibitive to allowing the three of us to go.  Each team member must pay for his or her airfare and food, lodging, and transportation in Guatemala.  We are hoping that you will partner with us and help to defray some of the cost of the trip as well as purchase supplies for the medical clinic.

Thank you for considering this opportunity. By helping us get to Guatemala, you will be impacting not only our lives but the lives of the desperately poor people whose situation we will be working hard to improve.  We will be very grateful for whatever you can do.

With Much Love and Gratitude,

AnnGene, Emma and Sofia