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For the fifth summer, my mother and I are planning to go to the Guatemala City garbage dump community. We have a sponsor child, Marvin, who I started to financially support during my second trip down to Guatemala.  My mother and I truly miss Guatemala since we we’re not able to go last summer. We also wish to continue to go for however long we are able. What I miss most about Guatemala is the people I built relationships with throughout the years. I especially miss spending the day with my sponsor boy, Marvin; seeing him laugh smile and joke around is a great blessing. To know that God can make a positive impact on one little boy’s life through me  for that one day is a gift. I wish to see Marvin again and continue to see him as he grows up into a young man. One of my deepest desires is that he may graduate and eventually go to a college, which I would love to help pay for after I myself am out of college! I write Marvin letters, but it is not the same as seeing him. The letters take forever to get to and from him and to me. We are countries away, but we are brother and sister under one God. I started this campaign in order to be able to get to Guatemala and to donate money to building a house while I am there. As a college student, the airplane fairs and the boarding costs while in Guatemala are not easy to pay, but I do not want to ask others for their money just to send me there. I want to fundraise so that someone can get a house who desperately needs one! I have seen the impact that these small cinderblock houses can have on a family’s life and it is astounding. Families who receive a cinderblock house go from living with dirt floors and a tin roof that leaks when it rains, to a concrete floor and solid roof (not to mention running water and electricity). Some people are senders and some people are “go’ers”. I couldn’t be a “go’er” last year, but with your help as a sender, this year I can go to Guatemala and help turn your donations into a clean safe home for yet another family in desperate need. Please think about donating. And know that whatever gift you can give is most appreciated. God loves when you give with a joyful heart! I think that is a good notion to keep in mind! My goal is to raise at least $2,000 with 25% of that going to my own trip costs. I know this will not cover the total cost, but I see someone getting a house as more important than me being able to go to Guatemala. Thank you for your help.

God bless.


Marvin and I in 2015IMG_0905