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I have created this campaign in order to raise money to put towards my travel and stay costs while down in Guatemala, as well as to put money towards the supplies needed to build a home for a family this summer 2018! I have traveled to Guatemala 5 times before, all times before with my awesome mom! But now in my first year as an official “adult” I have decided to make my first trip to Guatemala alone!

God this year has been teaching me a lot about what it means to be simultaneously independent (and dependent on Him). I feel that what God is telling me to do, besides from taking the steps I have taken thus far in my daily life, is to return to Guatemala. I have a sponsor child in Guatemala (Marvin) that I have been personally sponsoring since I was about 14 years old and I wish to return to see him every year that I can.

Thus this is my ask — to support me in any way you can!! And more importantly, support God’s work. Support the construction of a home and the sending of a great group of people of all ages to a country that desperately needs our help. Every donation is deeply appreciated and really does make a difference.  (Plus it’s tax-deductible!!! Ewwww “adulting” is not fun hahah!!!)

I know, as a young person working multiple part-time jobs and continually going to school, that money is not an expendable thing for all. After all, it really does not grow on trees (nor is it  even made of paper from trees…so really money has nothing to do with trees)!!! Anyways you can ignore my stupid humor and just know this. I would not feel it right to ask others to 100% fund my personal expenses, so the money donated will be a 50:50 split between covering my own personal costs and towards covering the costs of building materials. My goal is to raise $2,000 total! It might be a little lofty of a goal, but I want to at least try to raise as much as I can towards a house!! I’ve seen first hand the difference these simple houses make in these families lives. And if I raise more than my goal, all of that money will go straight towards building houses.

Thank you all in advance for putting up with my stupid humor in reading this note and for donating whatever you can!

Thank you all,


PS: Remember, even by donating, “the life you change could be your own”.IMG_0905

Marvin (my sponsor child) and I