The life you change could be your own!

GUATEMALA 2013 042It started with a late-night conversation. Friends just hanging out after work, talking about life. As the conversation turned toward recent events including earthquakes and tsunamis, a realization began to unfold. While we were quick to mourn the tragedy and pity the people affected, none of us planned to do anything—at least in a substantial way—about it. It slowly occurred to us that although we had the time, money, education and resources to do something for those less fortunate, we were much more comfortable staying within the comfort zone of our own geographic, socioeconomic and racial walls. We cared, but not enough to do anything about it. Not more than throwing a token donation at the problem, anyway.

DSC_0131And so we began—it was that innocent and unassuming. We began to call our friends and neighbors to a vision greater than charity. A vision to move out beyond our personal walls, whatever they are, to touch those in need. A call to move past charity towards justice for those with less. These efforts have moved many in our local communities to the inner-city, to disaster relief and to to impoverished countries—all with the same desire to make a material, sustainable and relational difference. To give until it hurts and then to give a little more. This organic movement birthed Beyond the Walls, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

No, we can’t solve every problem, but together those of us “to whom much is given and much is expected” could solve some. I hope you will consider partnering or joining us on the journey—a journey beyond your own walls.