The life you change could be your own!

IMG_1833When you volunteer with Beyond the Walls you play a significant role in rebuilding the lives of poor and disadvantaged children and adults. Beyond the Walls strives to make substantial long-term impact in tangible ways within our country and across borders through focused opportunities in education, food, housing, medical care, micro-enterprise, job training and mentoring. As a volunteer, you share our vision to move beyond your personal walls, whatever they are, to touch those in need. We seek to move past charity toward justice.

DSCN5071These efforts move many in our local communities to the inner-city, to disaster-ravaged places in the U.S. and to impoverished countries—all with the same desire to make a material, sustainable and relational difference–to give until it hurts and then to give a little more. As a volunteer “to whom much is given” you will be the agent of change in these under-resourced communities. We hope you will consider partnering or joining us on the journey—a journey beyond your own walls. To volunteer, download our volunteer application and mail to Beyond the Walls.