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Beyond the Walls is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making substantial long-term impact in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged through focused opportunities in our communities, our regional neighborhoods, our country and our world. We believe meaningful impact is achieved by a holistic approach focusing on the physical, relational and spiritual needs of those we serve.





Grace House Guests


Pine Ridge

New Block House

Family Promise of Morris County/ Market Street Mission

Inner-city Children

Pine Ridge IndianReservation, South Dakota

Guatemala City, Guatemala

  • When homeless families are housed at Mendham Hills Community Church three weeks a year, volunteers provide meals, overnight supervision, and friendship.
  • Tutor clients for GED and other tests that will help them get better jobs.
  • Assist families who are ready for permanent housing with moving chores.
  • Provide rides and other practical assistance when needed.
  • Paint offices (interior) and transitional housing (exterior
  • Provide financial/volunteer support for after-school programs.
  • Organize and run holiday parties–Christmas & Easter.
  • Organize and run field trips–zoo, football games, etc.– for inner-city children.
  • Solicit ideas for new relational projects that will help the children expand their horizons and dream for the future.


  • Basketball Clinics
  • Baseball Clinics
  • Renovate Community Center.
  • Renovate family homes.
  • Provide meals to the community.
  • Deliver furniture to those moving into homes.
  • Coordinate specific anonymous donations by individuals.
  • Build homes.
  • Pour concrete floors and sidewalks.
  • Sponsor the after-school education of two classes of elementary school children.
  • Perform medical check-ups for 250 students and teachers.
  • See patients at medical clinics.
  • Organize and run sports clinics for boys and girls.
  • Organize and run children’s day-camp programs.
  • Provide and distribute food, clothing and school supplies.
  • Train teachers and staff.
  • Improve school facilities.